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Started by Bjw, August 14, 2011, 12:00:47 PM

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Mindless thanks found the lightbox and working perfectly now.Thank you


Images are nothing to do with memcache, memcache only stores results of mysql querys in ram so the site does not have to then run a mysql_query to the db every user every page refresh for what ever information is required from the db per mod/page on the site, the only thing that lags the images is the image resize function, so 2 choices remove it and use lightbox or live with it , already done a post on how to use lightbox :P


I have been trying to find out why on memcahe versions that external linked images are taking sometimes 30 seconds to loade a page.For example in the shout or in the forums.If there are multiple images it can take over a minute to load a forum page.Now I have been working from the server side and increased the packet size in linux etc.This has happened on all the memcahe versions I have used.I now require all images to be hosted on the server and that works.Does anyone have any ideas of where I may have the problem.I am not so sure its the code.It may be something to do with my server set up or maybe the memcache settings.I have the default settings in memcahe