Uploading without re-downloading the torrent , is it possible ??

Started by GingaNinja, December 15, 2011, 10:56:19 AM

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As long as you check that $dict['info']['private'] is already set and don't do anything that changes the info dict in takeupload a re-download is not necessary.


Well most auto scripts do this already I thought. All you have to do is change the takeupload.php info.. I had some files edited for a auto uploader for u232 on a tracker I had. only thing we changed was a few lines in the first section. and add an ip to it plus made an account for it ...:P
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Well that explanation is shite lol, i can only speculate this :

I would split the html/php and make a new user field say user_seedbox, then use

Code (php) Select
if($CURUSER['user_seedbox'] == 'yes')

arguments to keep users using the upload and download as normal and that for those with servers but thats me, since you don't get a passkey until you download changing over to this only without forward thinking will cause problems for sure like i just describe so test it and get back to me and I'll make it a mod :P


Code (php) Select
<input type=\"text\" size=\"80\" readonly=\"readonly\" value=\"{$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'][0]}\" onclick=\"select()\" />


Code (php) Select
<input type=\"text\" size=\"80\" readonly=\"readonly\" value=\"".$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'][0]."?passkey=".$CURUSER['passkey']."\" onclick=\"select()\" />


Code (php) Select
$dict['value']['comment'] = bdec(benc_str("In using this torrent you are bound by the {$INSTALLER09['site_name']} Confidentiality Agreement By Law")); // change torrent comment


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//$dict['value']['comment'] = bdec(benc_str("In using this torrent you are bound by the {$INSTALLER09['site_name']} Confidentiality Agreement By Law")); // change torrent comment

Since the passkey is displayed appended to announce url on upload the torrent will be created with it added so download wouldnt need to be used to do that - takeupload will strip the passkey adding tracker announce url, no comment $dict as indicated by commenting it out, then when you upload you simply seed and announce will check the passkey for match - thats all i pick up from the description which is very vague


So the simple question is i'd like to use ScarS' bash torrent uploader on my u-232 (non memcache) but it seems from what i'm reading on the net that because we have to re-download the .torrent file thats where the problem comes in :( so after reading a few posts on the authors website i found this -

QuoteThe upload script expects that the torrent file does not need to be downloaded again. It is very simple for site owners to allow you to upload the torrent file with your personal passkey embedded. The website can then remove your passkey and store the torrent. As long as they don't insert any comment into the torrent it should be the exact same file that you already have on your server, so it would be pointless for you to download the torrent again, and would only take extra time.
If the site you are on always requires you to re-download the torrent after you have uploaded I suggest you ask the site owner/developer to add the about 5 lines of code that should fix this problem

so i've searched the net for a solution to this problem but i aint getting anywhere and wondered actually more hoped that someone here could help me out by either pointing me in the right direction or even letting me know if this is infact possible on a u-232 tracker ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated , Thanks in advance