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Started by Yupy., September 13, 2011, 05:05:47 PM

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Thanks cm27 :) i'v edited the in css and now is working.


to move around your blocks you can use .css files plus hard coat them. If that dont work let me know what your after and I can help I have a few days so im here . just need detail of what your after and source code like u232V1 or u232V2 :)
Never fall to those that just sit there.. Always look for the way to the top even if you have to code it your self and mistakes and all... quote from BonZO...


I modified direcly into the index.php, not in the blocks files, it worked with online block and shoutbox but with the news... no way  :-X


it will be very hard todo, because of the block system in U-232. you could look into the sidebar mod over at tbdev, but its not made for this source and would require a lot of work.


See the blocks? at that index on the pic? that i want to do with the index of U-232 v2, i added but is still under like the standard not left and right.

The pic is from a tracker of mine, and the same blocks look i want to make in the U-232 v2 but with no success


without looking at any code, not really mate. and not even sure what you are trying todo.


is that your home page or a page you are wanting to make?


Hi guys, i have a question... i'm trying to modificate the index to look like this:

And it looks the same nothing is changing left/right... any ideea?