Invalid Peer ID

Started by stoner, September 15, 2011, 04:00:33 PM

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I heard it might be sushosin causing a problem
Not sure how safe it is to disable this.  But u can try adding this into ur .htaccess file

php_flag suhosin.simulation On

Please let me know of the results if it works or not and if you know of any reason not to turn this off

@BJW  I cant see this being server side in my setup.  At least not DNS related.  I use google DNS and have tried with the standard DNS from my host.  I get the same problem either way.  But I will look into it more still.  The more info we can gather on the problem the better.   2 heads are better than 1 as they say. 


Interesting, i did push them server side like but aye mental.


I just wanted to mention.I get this error every once in a while on one of my sites.I found it was my setup problem on my dns for that server.Got it straight and now never had the error since.My main server never had a problem.


Add to bittorrent.php at top - Also announce.php

Code (php) Select
// ///////Strip slashes by system//////////
function cleanquotes(&$in)
    if (is_array($in)) return array_walk($in, 'cleanquotes');
    return $in = stripslashes($in);
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
    array_walk($_GET, 'cleanquotes');
    array_walk($_POST, 'cleanquotes');
    array_walk($_COOKIE, 'cleanquotes');
    array_walk($_REQUEST, 'cleanquotes');


I aint saying its the code m8.  Just wondering if others was seeing it aswell before I start looking into the problem more.

Magic_quotes is off.  Otherwise I would be seeing it a lot more.  Its not every torrent, just on occasions.   


But you dont know what that client is doing, if it is indeed escaping characters or has to many or what ever its doing to cause mis-match then i would say that the client is indeed "Dodgy" wouldnt be the first time and wont be the last. But dont piss in the wind verify exact point then you can do something about it.. where is the mis-match happening is db value fine and transmitted values from client fucked, is it announce.php doing the damage... and any other possibility until it is set in stone whats going down.


There all off.. Not dodgy client either so idk :S Not saying its the code lol.. Just saying in general


Aint the code before you even go there, its only doing its job if the mis-match occurs... your server or dodgy clients are causing it, only thing that would malform a peer id or a infohash is magic quotes on that server or like i said the clients producing fucked up characters.


Yep, i get it ALL the time.. Invalid Peer ID and Invalid Hash ID


Just posting this out there.  I have a couple of users and I have seen it myself.  Where on uploading a torrent, then downloading it and adding to the client (rtorrent 0.8.6 lib 0.12.6) they get an invalid peer id.

When I seen the problem, it seems remaking the torrent (which we dont do as a rule cuz the mod on takeupload), seems to fix it 90% of the time.

Just wondering if anyone else see's this problem.