coder to help me out

Started by john, November 14, 2011, 04:32:43 PM

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If you get stuck on installing this source, i can install it for you.


Thats a failure on signup or its cache - error logs and ask the person if there was errors, code dont fail like that others have been running v2 for ages and no ones mentioned nothing about that, so get onto that apache error log also look in logs folder - mysql error log. If your trying to put them into staff positions you better make sure there added to the allowed staff arrays on config.php no reason for 404 in shout like that unless your linking to a missing file again error log tells all and is essential because no one can guess it.


Mindless what im going to do is reinstall the v2 again
As in getting this on whos on line and is shoutbox the same Error
User is still pending. and said user are on site and users getting same thing too when they try to go to there profile Error
User is still pending.


What you needing help with - if you post precise explanations of issues, apache error log entry or mysql error log entry, line of code causing issue, screens if need be i can answer any question, i've seen it all on this source code and many others. All the moderators on here have used it a while and many of those in coder class here know a lot about it, dont be shy no ones here to make a fool out of anyone, if you want to learn go ahead and post, otherwise if you need a coder well i cant help anyone because im to busy but you may get lucky.


coder to help me out  anyone up for it helping me out on this v2 please pm me and ill give you my msn