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Started by AMB, November 18, 2011, 01:58:35 PM

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You could try add these to benc.php, just before the first function.
Code (php) Select


The bdec functions in default Tbdev are shit to be honest and that error message is vague as fuck no giving you any indicator what it is unless you knew it, theres a superior system done by Dj grrr thats up to date and very efficient so will be replaced some point.


I kinda figured so lol.. It's a 190GB+ Pack i was trying to upload. I have the piece sizes in ruTorrent set at 16MB/piece


Rather large pack - theres the problem right there - your either setting the file size per part to high or your config does not allow what your trying to do. The line number is showing that the bdec function cannot process the shit your trying to upload. As per usual its nothing to do with the code its doing what it should, maybe the error messages should be more specific but thats common that error. Bdec is one thats lined up to be replaced some point though.


Sup guys :D

Recently tried to upload a rather large pack onto my site, and i keep getting this error...

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/include/benc.php on line 131

Here is my line 131:
$ret = bdec(substr($s, $i));

Thanks :)