Started by iman, November 20, 2011, 07:23:51 PM

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Aye bitornado can be troublesome no denying it, i seen the posts but Laffin's answered it, im up to my neck on the v3 release so i cant really do any testing to help, if need be i can if it proves to be elusif  :-\


Didnt even notice that.
Thats a malformed uri.
u wud have 2 options avail to fix it on tracker end if yer users dun wanna get a client that returns a standard uri.

1) .htaccess u may be able to mod rewrite to fix it
2) $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] and fix it with preg_replace system
Laffin BCFH


PMSL ???
Seems to have gone a different direction all together this question ???

?info_hash =Tornado
&info_hash = Most Other Software

Hash Is correctly reported and Passkey is fine...

However the trackers announce script fails to see the end of the passkey due to the change in Char$ ? and Not &
so passkey becomes


The announce fails to see the Info_hash Var$ due to the use of a ? rather then a & in the url it passes from tornado to the tracker via announce.php

The old announce system uses a different method to get the var$ postions from the announce url

skype =


Just using strtolower will create issues on the tracker, as the client is trying to report an invalid infohash when a printable character (which is legal) is in uppercase format.

replace strtolower with url_encode(url_decode($_GET['infohash"]))

that shud reset the infohash to lower case hex strings and perserve the upcase of other strings.
Laffin BCFH


Though you may very well be right Laffin, I did however just test this theory on a torrent of my own (changed lowercase to upper) and it worked question is what if any error is being received in bit tornado?
I suspect being this post is in V1 thread the error is bad bencoded data error


To me it looks like it converts it to the infohash to an uppercase string. the simple solution is to apply strtolower() function to the infohash in announce.php (when it assigned from $_GET). That should solve yer issues.

Why would this work? Cuz the infohash is in hex notation.

Edit: On 2nd thoufhts this wudn work because it's a mix of hex notation and printable characters. so u prolly will end up redoing the encoding system. using either urldecode/urlencode functions or html_entity_decode()/htmlspecialchars()  to return the info_hash back to the original.
Laffin BCFH


Having a few issues since main bulk of my userbase came onto the new site ?
Some users are still using Bittornado for what ever reason they have ????
As you can see below is the announce data taken from


They are different in the way they announce and the new source here just wont accept the announce from tornado at all due to the change in the announce data format the announce on the new source must be scripted different as my old site source has no errors with any torrent software.

Has anyone workout a fix or am i just better to copy and paste from the old announce ?
skype =