Started by john, November 17, 2011, 11:46:20 AM

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this is a 09 classic error ... go to
include / config .php
and replace

// Cookie setup
$TBDEV['cookie_prefix'] = 'tbalpha_'; // This allows you to have multiple trackers, eg for demos, testing etc.
$TBDEV['cookie_path'] = ''; // ATTENTION: You should never need this unless the above applies eg: /tbdev
$TBDEV['cookie_domain'] = 'Change.me.com'; // set to eg: .somedomain.com or is subdomain set to: .sub.somedomain.com

and add your domain in cookie_domain where is changeme

then go to you site login page and try to login again it will work .... enjoy


cookie domain usually causes that - either left blank or add your domain - its server related some require it some dont, otherwise only other thing that can do that is captcha not being posted.


hello one and all tryed this out too if you do not mined me saying ok all went well sysop acc All good, Now longin to set things up ok go to longin page to signin so can set site up And it keep flash back to the sign up page not letting me in at all ? any help on this one and why its doing it