memcache just a idea

Started by DarkWarrior2, March 15, 2012, 02:38:24 PM

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i want to do  public tracker thats why i use the 09 and scout for mods i can use here   ;)


 :o , why would you want to do that........use this source as it is where it started many moons ago, before Mindless and co decided to ADD MEMCACHE....  ;) ......


how can i add this to normal TBDEV 09final  :)


ok nps Mindless just a thou mate


Not really any use at all - memcache is a daemon - just install it and we use a class file to utilize functions within it - What you have there would create excessive work down to seperate globals that is all contained in the class we use, u-232 standard uses text file based caching in places so no point.


why not use the cache.dir and put in config file this

// Caching settings
$TBDEV["cache_type"] = "disk"; // disk = Save cache to disk, memcache = Use memcache, apc = Use APC
$TBDEV["cache_memcache_host"] = "localhost"; // Host memcache is running on
$TBDEV["cache_memcache_port"] = 11211; // Port memcache is running on
$TBDEV['cache_dir'] = getcwd().'/cache'; // Cache dir (only used if type is "disk"). Must be CHMOD 777

cache/folder -->get_row_count and folder--->queries